I make each piece in my 10X16 foot workshop. My workshop has been cleansed and blessed to remove any negative energy and I cleanse it with White Sage and Cho Ko Ray every month. The jewelry is cleansed and Reiki charged before it sent out. Upon receipt if you would like to recharge your piece, simply put it out on the window sill during the next full moon. I leave my crystals out all night, but if you do not feel comfortable doing that, charge in the full moon for a minimum of 4 hours. Please do not use salt or sea salt. Salt can damage some of the stones and do not leave in direct sunlight as sunlight can fade natural gemstones.
When you receive your jewelry, you can add your own intention to the piece. You can do this several ways, but the easiest is hold you jewelry or crystal in your hands, close your eyes and ask your guides and your higher spirit to join you. As you are holding your gemstone or crystal tell the piece you are happy that the you have chosen the piece and the piece has chosen you. You then tell the piece of your intention eg. my intention for you is to aid in my protection and aid my studies so I do well in school in this year. You ask your higher spirit and you guides to help the gemstone with this intention for the greater good. Thank the gemstone, your higher Spirit and your guides, and where your piece with its intention in mind for the highest Good. Nameste.